July 2018

Stern antenna mount


The support for the antennas is in. Three antennas will be mounted on the ring for the IridiumGo, SSB VHF and something else electronic we can't remember right now. The Yellow Brick tracker will be mounted on the pad at the top. There is a matching pole on the port side for the wind generator.

The Plan

Steve grew up sailing. Luanne always wanted to travel to far off countries. One night in 2007 she said “Why don’t we sail around the world?” He said “Sure, that sounds like fun.” and The Plan was born. Departure date was set at 2018.

The Plan became The 50-year Spreadsheet. It mapped out how they could raise two children, go on this grand adventure and not end up at 80 living under a bridge and eating cat food.

Fast forward 10 years and somehow, much to their shock, departure date is 3 months away.

Dinghy cradle design


We decided to remove the dinghy davits and instead store the dinghy on deck in a metal cradle. This is an outline of the location and dimensions. We'll get the dinghy on the boat by lifting it with a line run to the boom.

Design for dinghy cradle

World Arc - first half

If all goes according to plan, we will leave St. Lucia on Saturday January 12 2019 on an eight month journey, ending in Australia in August 2019.  Although the World Arc is a circumnavigation rally, we have elected to only do the first half. Around the world in 15 months is just too fast! Having gone to all the trouble of sailing to Australia, we plan on spending a couple of years exploring that part of the world.

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